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The Cambridge Companion to Fantasy Literature

February 2012

American Fantasy 1820-1950


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22 April 2011

Life and Silence

Writer's Block

Teaching Science Fiction

March 2011

Through Time and Space: A Brief History of Science Fiction

Science Fiction

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28 March 2011

Imagining an interview with Manuel Puig upon reading Betrayed by Rita Hayworth

Manuel Puig

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28 March 2011

I am not a camera

Photography/Roland Barthes

Into The Woods

March 2011

An Answer

Robert Holdstock

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31 January 2011


Tom McCarthy

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22 January 2011

The Marquise with the lead pipe at five

Gabriel Josipovici

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15 January 2011

When is the Modern?

Gabriel Josipovici

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15 January 2011

There and then

John Banville/Benjamin Black/crime fiction

SFRA Review 291

Winter 2010

Christopher Priest 101

Christopher Priest

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26 December 2010

Attempt, endeavour, meditation

essays/John Fowles/Robert Holdstock

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13 November 2010


T.S. Eliot

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22 October 2010

Science in the Ghetto

Kate Wilhelm/women in sf

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3 October 2010

Take off your face, we'd like to see the mask

Pete Atkin/Clive James

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14-17 July 2010

Blogging the Hugos: Decline

Paolo Bacigalupi/Cherie Priest/Robert Charles Wilson

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11 July 2010


H.G. Wells

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26 June 2010

In Memory of Big Al, Little Norm and Average Sized Mrs Swinburne

Alan Plater

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4 June 2010

Langauage and science fiction

Language/Science Fiction

World Literature Today

May-June 2010

Against a Definition of Science Fiction

Taxonomy of SF

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17 May 2010

And theorists shall talk theory unto theorists

Marxist Theory/Science Fiction

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5 May 2010

The fate of being a critic

Reviewing/Science Fiction

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7 March 2010



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21 February 2010



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6 February 2010

Big As Life

E.L. Doctorow

Vector 260

Summer 2009

Of Time and the River: Time in the fiction of Robert Holdstock

Robert Holdstock

Wiscon 33 Souvenir Book

May 2009

Perspectives on Geoff Ryman

Geoff Ryman

Argentus 8

23 December 2008

Hard Right

Hard SF